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Round Pic Maker: Easily Create Round Cropped Images for Social Media Icons

Updated: May 15

Your profile icon on social media is a crucial element that determines your first impression. However, creating the perfect icon image can be surprisingly difficult. That's where the iOS app "Round Pic Maker" comes in handy.

Round Pic Maker App

Edit while previewing the finished image

With Round Pic Maker, you can create round icon images that are just right for social media by simply selecting a photo and tapping a few times. You can use photos taken with the app's built-in camera feature or load images from your camera roll.

Easy fine-tuning and border processing

The image position can be intuitively adjusted by swiping, and you can zoom in and out with pinch gestures. Furthermore, you can fine-tune settings like the border width and color. Customize to your liking and create an icon that's full of originality.

Perfect processing for creating social media profiles

By using the "3D Effect" feature that utilizes AI background removal, you can create even more advanced profile images.

Round Pic Maker 3D Effect Editing

"Round Pic Maker" is a free app available on the App Store that makes it easy to create icons that can be used on any social network, including WhatsApp, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and TikTok. Give it a try today!


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