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PicFitter - The Quick No Crop Photo Editing App for Square and White Frame Processing on Instagram

Updated: Apr 22

If you're looking for an easy way to edit photos for posting on Instagram, check out "PicFitter". With the simple and easy-to-use photo and video editing app PicFitter, you can process your images into square format or add white frames with just a single tap.

PicFitter output image

The main features of PicFitter are as follows:

  • An app that allows you to add margins to your photos for a consistent look on Instagram

  • Convert photos to Instagram's square aspect ratio with one tap

  • Simple and intuitive operation that anyone can use easily

  • Resize not only images but also videos into square format

  • Directly post edited content to Instagram

  • Free to download and use, with optional in-app purchases for advanced features

  • Available for both iOS and Android

A Must-Have App for Instagram Frame Editing

PicFitter was born from the idea of making Instagram more casual and fun to use. If you could easily edit your own photos, you can post to Instagram more casually and enjoy social media even more. With the goal of creating an app that even first-time users of Instagram and photo editing apps can use without getting lost, we started planning and developing PicFitter.

Since then, it has been increasingly introduced on social media and by word of mouth as an app that can make your posts stand out on Instagram. It has now become one of the essential apps for square processing. Because of its quick editing capabilities that save time, it is used not only by those who have just started using Instagram, but also by amateur photographers and professional cameramen/photographers who love taking photos.

Square Processing

With PicFitter, you no longer need to trim important parts of your images to fit Instagram's format. The app automatically fits the entire rectangular photo into a square frame, so you can post to Instagram with the same composition.

White Frame Processing

White frame processing is one of the popular processing methods and is used by famous brands and influencers in their Instagram posts.

With the PicFitter app, you can easily add white frames with just a few taps. In addition, you can create black frames instead of just white frames, and you can also set your desired color like beige or apply a blur effect.

Free Trial of VIP Version

PicFitter provides basic features for free, but many users who love this app are using the optional paid plan called the "VIP version". With this VIP version, you can edit photos even more comfortably and quickly. You can use convenient features such as batch processing multiple photos at once, outputting images in high resolution, and removing ads. This VIP version also offers a 3-day free trial (as of April 18, 2024).

Free Download

PicFitter for iOS can be downloaded from the App Store. The Android version is also available on Google Play.

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