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"Round Pic Maker" SNS Icon Creation App Adds New Feature Utilizing AI Background Removal

Updated: 7 days ago

Profile pictures on social networking sites are an important means of expressing yourself. An attractive icon can greatly influence the first impression you make. That's why the latest update to the image editing app "Round Pic Maker" is getting a lot of attention. With this update, a new feature utilizing AI background removal has been added, making it possible to create even more unique and appealing icons.

What is Round Pic Maker?

"Round Pic Maker" is a profile picture creation app that supports major social networking sites such as LINE, Instagram, and YouTube. This app has a simple interface that users can intuitively operate, allowing anyone to easily refresh their profile photo. The source image can be taken using the app's camera function or loaded from the user's photo library.

RoundPicMaker App Start Screen

Basic Usage

  1. Open the app and select an image from your photo library or take a photo using the camera function.

  2. Touch the image to adjust it, swipe to change its position, and pinch to adjust its size.

  3. 3. Tap the buttons on the screen to change the border width, color, and background color.

New Feature Using "AI Background Removal"

With the newly added AI background removal technology, unwanted backgrounds can be automatically removed from photos and easily replaced with a preferred background. This allows for more creative expression when creating profile pictures for WhatsApp or Instagram.

New Feature "Background Removal"

By tapping the "Background Removal" button on the editing screen, you can edit an image with the background removed from the loaded photo.

You can also change the background and replace it with another background. Try setting your favorite background, such as colors or gradients.


New Feature "3D Effect"

A background magic "3D Effect" utilizing background removal technology has been added.

The "3D Effect" is available in the paid version.

The difference from the previous circular cut-out images is that the person is placed in front of the frame. The photo will have a sense of dynamism and a slightly stylish impression.

New Feature "3D Effect"

"Round Pic Maker" is an app that allows you to easily create icons full of your own originality. When you want to change the impression of your SNS profile, be sure to take advantage of the newly added features. Let's aim for even greater success on social media with a profile picture that reflects your unique personality!


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