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Resize Video Compressor: Save iPhone Storage Space with This Video Editing App

Updated: Apr 21

"Resize Video Compressor" is an app that resizes your video files to compress their file size. It helps save storage space on your device and reduces data usage when sending videos to social media or chat apps.

Resize Video Compressor App

Compresses videos to commonly used resolutions

This app is dedicated to simply compressing video files.

  • It can output videos in the recommended resolutions for chat apps like WhatsApp or social media platforms like Instagram.

  • You can check the file sizes of videos on your device and easily select larger ones.

  • You can view how much space you saved after compressing a video.

Save Storage Space, Reduce Data Usage

The app is recommended for:

  • Those running out of storage space on their device

  • Those wanting to reduce data usage when sharing videos on WhatsApp, social media, etc.

  • Those who always record videos at the highest quality but want to reduce file sizes for specific uses

  • Those wanting to reduce the file size of screen recordings or other videos where content is more important than quality

"Resize Video Compressor" is an iOS app available for download on the App Store. Easily compress your video files to save storage space on your iPhone or iPad and reduce data usage.


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