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[2024] Extending Instagram Reels over 90 seconds? Explaining the 3-minute posting time limit and audio restrictions

Hello! Did you know that Instagram's Reel feature got an exciting update in 2024?

The maximum length of Reels has been further expanded, allowing users to post videos up to 3 minutes long! Previously limited to 90 seconds, Reels can now accommodate longer videos. However, there are some new considerations regarding accounts and audio usage.

In this article, we'll provide you with the latest information about Instagram Reels in 2024. We'll explain how to post videos longer than 90 seconds and share tips for effectively utilizing this feature.

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Reel video length limit extended from 90 seconds to 3 minutes

When Instagram Reels first launched in 2020, users could only post videos up to 15 seconds long. Over time, the maximum length gradually increased to 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and finally 90 seconds in 2022.

As of 2024, the length limit for Reel videos has been extended to 3 minutes (180 seconds).

Additionally, in the past, there were limitations on the length of Stories videos, with videos longer than 15 seconds being split into multiple parts. Now, users can post videos up to 60 seconds long in their Stories without any splitting.

Instagram seems to be improving its services by taking cues from other short-form video platforms like TikTok and YouTube. The length limits for Reel and Stories videos may continue to change in the future.

Instagram App Dialog "Create longer Reels You can now use up to 3 minutes of clips  in your reels."

Reels up to 3 minutes can now be posted

With Instagram's update, as of 2024, the maximum posting time for Reels has been extended to 3 minutes.

After the update, users can select videos up to 3 minutes long in the Reel creation screen. The editing features remain the same, allowing users to adjust their videos before posting.

Be mindful of audio when posting Reels longer than 90 seconds

However, the restriction of using a single audio track for up to 90 seconds remains unchanged. When editing, a message will appear stating, "The same song can only be used for up to 90 seconds." Keep this in mind when creating 3-minute videos.

When posting a Reel on Instagram with a maximum duration of 3 minutes "Song limit reached. You can only use 90 seconds of the same song."

If you are still limited to 90 seconds when editing Reels

Some accounts still seem to have the 90-second limit when editing Reel videos. First, try updating the Instagram app. If you still can't edit beyond 90 seconds, you may need to wait for Instagram to address the issue. For those who absolutely need to post longer videos, check out the method introduced next.

A workaround to bypass the 90-second Reel limit and extend posting time

Until 2022, the maximum length for videos posted as Reels was 90 seconds.

Here's a workaround that was used: "First, upload a video longer than 90 seconds as a feed post, then convert that post into a Reel."

So here's a method that was used, which may seem like a "secret trick" at first glance - "First upload the video as a feed post, then convert that post into a Reel."

The steps are as follows:

  1. First, post a video longer than 90 seconds to your feed.

  2. Tap the "..." in the upper right corner of the posted video.

  3. Select "Convert to Reel."

This completes the process of creating a Reel video longer than 90 seconds. However, Reels posted using this method cannot be edited, so thorough editing must be done beforehand.

Tips for effectively creating Reel videos up to 3 minutes

While it's great that Reels can now be up to 3 minutes long, viewers may lose interest if the video is simply lengthy. Here are some tips for effectively creating longer Reels:

1. Consider the video's structure

Think carefully about how to structure a 3-minute video beforehand. It's recommended to follow a clear flow, such as "introduction → main topic → conclusion."

2. Use multiple audio tracks

While a single audio track is limited to 90 seconds, combining multiple tracks can create a more dynamic video. Switching background music to match different scenes can be effective.

3. Add easy-to-read subtitles

Especially for longer videos, utilizing subtitles is crucial. Displaying key points in text makes it easier for viewers to understand the content.

4. Avoid monotony with appropriate cuts

Viewers may lose interest if the same angle is used for the entire 3 minutes. Incorporate appropriate cuts to create a dynamic edit.

Make the most of the 3-minute Reel posting limit

With the maximum length of Instagram Reels now extended to 3 minutes, there's more room for creative expression. By effectively utilizing videos longer than 90 seconds, you can create engaging Reels that keep viewers interested!




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