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PQ+ AI: Enhance Low-Resolution Images to High Quality

Updated: Apr 21

PQ+ AI Photo Quality Plus App

PQ+ is an image upscaling app powered by AI technology. It can generate high-resolution images from low-resolution image data.

Enhance Illustrations & Anime Images

PQ+ can improve the quality of your images in the following ways:

  • Upscale Illustrations and Anime Art: Make lines in illustrations crisp and clear

  • Upscale Anime Images: Dedicated anime processing mode to sharpen anime artwork

  • Upscale Assets for Creative Work: Convert low-res assets to high quality for projects

  • Clean Up Rough Web Images: Upscale and refine images found onlin

User-Friendly and Accessible

PQ+ is a free app, ready to use anytime.

  • Simple and intuitive UI for easy operation

  • No login or registration required

  • Image processing done locally, no internet connection needed

Upscale your low-resolution images to beautiful high quality with PQ+. The iOS app is available for download on the App Store.


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