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[2024 Edition] 5 Apps for Easy White Frame Editing for Instagram!

Updated: 7 days ago

White Border Editing

White frame editing is popular on Instagram. Just by adding a white frame to your photos, it becomes easier to create a cohesive feed.

So this time, we've picked out white frame editing apps for Instagram from the latest popular apps in 2024. From apps that are easy enough for beginners to use, to those that can achieve professional-level results, we'll introduce 5 recommended options.

What is White Frame Editing?

White frame editing refers to adding a white frame line around a photo. The white frame line accents the photo, resulting in a stylish finish that stands out on social media like Instagram.

Photos with a white frame editing have a clean, framed look. The white frame also makes the photo stand out, drawing viewers' attention to the post.

5 Apps for White Frame Editing


An app dedicated to square cropping for Instagram. Of the apps introduced here, it has the simplest operation, allowing anyone to easily and quickly add a square white frame. It supports not only photo editing but also video editing.


An app dedicated to resizing images for Instagram. In addition to square, it supports Instagram's recommended resolutions, allowing you to adjust photos to portrait, landscape, and story/reel aspect ratios. It also has features like effects, adjustments, and background removal.


A free photo editing app provided by Google, equipped with a rich set of editing tools. It supports white frame editing and has unique camera-like frames.


A multi-functional, advanced photo editing app that also has white frame editing capabilities. It has many features like an AI image generator, AI enhancement, collages, stickers, and even a SNS function to share your creations.


An app focused on design that also allows white frame editing. It can be used not only on smartphones but also on PCs, making it suitable for creating images to post across various SNS platforms. The operation feels slightly different from other apps, with a few more steps for white frame editing.

White frame editing can refresh the atmosphere of your photos and help create Instagram-worthy content. Why not try out an app that interests you and create your own curated shot?


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