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PicFitter FAQ and Troubleshooting

PicFitter is a simple and easy-to-use photo editing app, but you may have questions about how to use it. Here, we will explain some common questions, such as image quality issues and image selection problems.


Top 3 FAQs

How to fix image selection issues

If you can't select photos in PicFitter, try the following:

  • Restart the app: Completely close the app and reopen it. (You don't need to delete the app.)

  • Restart your device: Restarting your smartphone or tablet may resolve the issue.

  • Check permissions: Make sure PicFitter has been granted access to your camera roll or files.

  • Free up storage space: Ensure your device has enough free storage space.

When images edited in some apps can't be selected

Images created in some third-party apps may not load.

Exporting the created image to another app (e.g., the "Files" app on iOS) before loading it into PicFitter may resolve the issue.

How to fix app crashes when selecting photos

If the app crashes right after selecting an image, when the image preview is displayed on the screen, your iPhone or iPad may be experiencing memory shortage. Pre-processing the image in another app to reduce its resolution or file size before loading it into PicFitter may resolve the issue.

How to fix poor image quality issues

Since PicFitter processes images at Instagram's recommended size, the quality may slightly degrade during in-app processing if the original photo had a high resolution.

Setting the image quality to "Uncompressed Size" in the paid PicFitter VIP version allows you to export high-resolution images based on the original photo's resolution.

However, uploading photos to SNS like Instagram, X (Twitter), or messaging apps like LINE may also reduce image quality due to their specifications.

How to use PicFitter for free

PicFitter's basic features are completely free to use. Just download it from the App Store or Google Play Store to use PicFitter's photo editing features.

In-app purchases are required to use some advanced features not available in the free version. Premium features include multiple processing (batch editing), high-resolution image export, custom frame image settings, ad removal, etc. (as of April 2024).

How to use paid features

To use paid features for free, you can take advantage of the VIP annual plan's trial period. (The trial is only available once.)

You can also access paid-equivalent features by meeting certain conditions in the "Refer a Friend Campaign" on the app's settings screen. (The campaign may end without notice.)

For media and influencers

If you need promo codes to create app introduction articles or videos, please contact us.

Further support

In-app Q&A page

The PicFitter app's settings screen has a "Q&A" section. It contains more questions, answers, and contact information for purchase-related issues, so please check it out if you're having trouble.

Submitting feedback to the developers

How to report bugs

If you encounter a bug in PicFitter, tap "Report Issue" on the app's settings screen. When submitted, the development team will review the details and work to fix it in future updates.

How to request new features

If you'd like a new feature added to PicFitter, tap "Request a New Feature" on the app's settings screen. Enter your request details there, and the development team will consider implementing that feature.

PicFitter is not only free to use but also has convenient editing features. If the above methods resolve your issues, you should be able to have a great experience maximizing the appeal of your photos.


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