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How to Turn Off Contact Syncing on Instagram! Tips to Prevent Friends from Finding Out

Updated: May 31

Many people who use Instagram worry about their acquaintances and friends discovering their account. Actually, Instagram has a feature called "Contact Syncing" which can cause your account to be found out!

This article will explain Instagram's contact syncing in detail.

  • What is contact syncing?

  • What happens when you sync contacts?

  • How to turn off contact syncing

  • How to create an account that won't be discovered by acquaintances

We'll cover these topics thoroughly, so please read until the end.

What is contact syncing?

Instagram's contact syncing is a feature that reads the contact information registered on your device. If people who have their phone number or email address registered in your contacts have an Instagram account, they will be shown as suggested users.

In other words, if you have contact syncing turned on, there's a possibility you could be associated with the people registered in your contacts on Instagram. Conversely, if you are registered in someone's contacts, you might show up in their suggested users.

Contacts Sync: Screen to allow Instagram access to contacts

What happens when you sync contacts?

Turning on contact syncing has the following disadvantages:

  • You are shown to acquaintances and friends as a suggested user

  • Even if you make a new account, acquaintances find out about it

  • Work relationships get brought into Instagram

It would be a shame if you started a new Instagram account only for it to be discovered by friends and coworkers, right?

How to turn off contact syncing

So how can you turn off Instagram's contact syncing? The method differs slightly depending on your device.

For iPhone

  1. Open the "Settings" app

  2. Find "Instagram" and tap it

  3. Turn off the "Contacts" option

For Android

  1. Open "Settings"

  2. Tap "Apps & notifications"

  3. Find "Instagram" and tap it

  4. Tap "Permissions"

  5. Turn off "Contacts"

This will turn off contact syncing. Even if you turned on syncing when creating your account, you can unlink it later using this method.

How to create an account that won't be discovered by acquaintances

Turning off contact syncing prevents acquaintances from finding out to some extent, but it's not perfect. If you want to make it even more certain you won't be found out, there are some points to be careful about when creating an account:

  • Don't register a phone number

  • Don't link other SNS like Facebook

  • Don't show your face in your profile photo

  • Make your username unrelated to your real name

  • Set your account to private

If you take these precautions, your Instagram account is unlikely to be discovered by acquaintances unless something extraordinary happens.


Using Instagram's contact syncing feature risks your account being found out by acquaintances. You can turn this feature off in the settings, so anyone who doesn't want to be discovered should definitely keep it off.

Also, when creating an account, precautions like not registering a phone number and not linking other SNS are necessary to avoid being found out. It's recommended to use a username and profile photo that won't be noticed by friends.

To enjoy Instagram stress-free, be sure to pay close attention to your contact syncing and account information settings!

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