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How to Reduce Instagram App Size by Clearing Cache

Updated: 7 days ago

How to delete Instagram app cache to reduce space

What causes Instagram's size to increase?

As you use Instagram, the app size keeps increasing. Especially if you do the following, the size tends to grow:

  • Frequently posting photos and videos

  • Viewing a lot of Stories

  • Exchanging messages via DM

As you do this, cache data accumulates without you realizing it. Cache is data that is temporarily saved to make the app run faster. As this cache data builds up, the size (data size) of the Instagram app can become quite large. For some people, it can even reach several GB.

How to clear Instagram's cache

The method to clear cache is different for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad compared to Android.

Clearing the cache does not delete your Instagram account. When you log in again, the photos and videos you have posted will be restored.

For iOS

You can clear the cache by deleting the Instagram app once. After deleting the app, reinstall it and log in as needed.

  1. Open the "Settings" app

  2. Tap "General"

  3. Tap "Instagram" under iPhone Storage

  4. Tap "Instagram"

  5. Tap "Delete App"

  6. Reinstall Instagram from the App Store

  7. Open the Instagram app and log in

Instagram app cache deletion on iOS

For Android

You can clear the cache by executing "Clear Cache" for Instagram in the Settings app.

The steps may vary depending on the Android OS version and device model.

  1. Open the "Settings" app

  2. Tap "Apps & notifications"

  3. Tap "Instagram"

  4. Tap "Storage"

  5. Tap "Clear Cache"

Instagram app cache deletion on Android

Pros and cons of clearing Instagram's cache

Clearing Instagram's cache is effective for saving space and can also improve app performance. However, there are also downsides such as the app temporarily running slower and incurring communication costs.


  • Saves storage space on your device. The cache can grow over time, but deleting it allows you to reclaim valuable storage space.

  • Can make the app run faster. A bloated cache can cause the app to become sluggish. Clearing the cache may improve the app's speed. This can also reduce battery drain.

  • May resolve app crashes. In general, when updating an app, some apps may not handle cache data well, causing crashes. Clearing the cache can resolve this issue.


  • The app often runs slower immediately after clearing cache. When you clear cache, the app needs to load required data from the beginning, so it runs a bit slower. However, as you continue using it, the cache is rebuilt and the app speed recovers.

  • May incur communication costs. Clearing cache requires re-downloading images and videos, increasing data usage. If using mobile data, this will cost you, so it's recommended to do it on Wi-Fi if you want to save data.

  • Temporarily saved data may be lost. For example, temporary data like "drafts" of posts may be deleted and lost, so you need to make a memo beforehand of any temporary data you don't want to lose.

Clearing cache has both pros and cons, and you don't need to do it every day. It's recommended to only clear cache when you want to save space or if the app continues to behave unstably.


When you use Instagram, it eats up your device's storage without you realizing it. The size especially increases if you post a lot of photos and videos or frequently check Stories.

You can reduce Instagram's size by clearing the cache from the Settings screen on iPhone or Android. Let's clear the cache from time to time to keep things tidy!

Clearing cache to reduce size may make Instagram run lighter and the app behave more stably. Please give it a try.

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