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Is Instagram Having Issues Today? How to Fix It? How to Find Real-Time Info Explained

Updated: May 31

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Hello! Are you suddenly experiencing issues with Instagram and feeling troubled?

Problems like being unable to update your Story, the feed not displaying, or the app crashing can be frustrating for Instagram users, right? But don't worry! In this article, we'll introduce the causes of Instagram glitches and quick fixes you can try right now.

Moreover, we'll also share methods to find real-time information about outages and issues.

Please use this as a reference to have a comfortable Instagram life.

What causes Instagram glitches?

The main reasons Instagram issues occur are as follows:

  • Problems on Instagram's server side

  • The app version is outdated

  • The smartphone OS is not the latest version

  • Cache has accumulated

  • Unstable network environment

Especially in the case of server trouble on Instagram's end, there may be times when users can't fix it themselves.

If reinstalling the app or clearing the cache doesn't improve things, it's wise to wait for an official announcement from Instagram. If the cause is an Instagram system failure, sometimes the app may return to normal after some time has passed.

Immediate troubleshooting methods for Instagram issues

To resolve Instagram problems on your own, try the following countermeasures:

1. Improve the network environment

If symptoms like slow Instagram operation or pages not finishing loading appear, let's suspect the state of the internet connection.

If the Wi-Fi signal is weak or the mobile data connection is unstable, Instagram may not function properly.

If possible, try connecting to a more comfortable network environment.

2. Restart the app

Completely close the Instagram app and try restarting it.

If the app is frozen, force quitting it may fix the issue.

3. Restart the smartphone

If restarting the Instagram app doesn't help, let's try rebooting the smartphone itself.

Turning the power off can force quit the processes causing the malfunction.

4. Update the app

f the Instagram app is not the newest version, trouble may be occurring due to bugs in the old version.

Check the App Store or Google Play Store to see if there are any Instagram updates.

5. Delete cache

If too much cache accumulates in the Instagram app, it can cause issues or make operation sluggish.

Try deleting Instagram's cache from the "Settings" app on iPhone or "App Info" on Android.

We explain the cache deletion method in detail in a separate article.

How to check for Instagram issues in real-time

In 2024, problems like Instagram accounts automatically logging out occurred. Depending on the malfunction, the cause may be an Instagram system failure (server function stoppage).

The following methods are effective to quickly find out if an Instagram outage is happening:

1. Search on X (formerly Twitter)

If you search keywords like "Instagram issue", "Instagram error", "Can't log into Instagram" on X (formerly Twitter), you can see if other users are posting about malfunctions.

If many people are reporting the same problem, there is a high possibility it is trouble on Instagram's side.

2. Use real-time search engines like Social Searcher

Real-time search engines aggregate posts from various social media platforms, allowing you to quickly find information about Instagram issues.

Try searching for keywords like "Instagram down", "Instagram glitch", or "Instagram bug" on these real-time search engines.

Social Searcher display posts in real-time, so you can rapidly assess the situation and see if others are reporting similar problems with Instagram.

These tools pull in data from multiple sources, giving you a comprehensive view of any potential widespread outages or glitches being experienced by Instagram users.

3. Check Downdetector is a site that reports failure information for various web services including Instagram.

It may get slow when many people are accessing it, but it's convenient since you can see the state of Instagram issues at a glance.


Instagram malfunctions are stressful, but it's important to calmly deal with them.

Let's try resolution methods we can do ourselves like restarting the app, updating, and deleting cache. If the issue absolutely doesn't get fixed, it's best to wait for an official announcement from Instagram.

Don't forget to also utilize X (formerly Twitter), Social Searcher, Downdetector, etc. to quickly gather information. Let's overcome Instagram issues by sharing information with everyone!

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