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[iOS 18] Summary of New Photos App Features Announced at WWDC24 - What is Apple Intelligence?

iOS 18, announced at WWDC24, includes many new photo-related features.

Many of these features utilize AI technology called Apple Intelligence, which is expected to make photo management and editing more user-friendly and convenient.

This article summarizes the new photo-related features being added in iOS 18 and provides an overview of Apple Intelligence.

WWDC 2024 Apple Intelligence
Image credit: Apple WWDC 2024

New Photo Features in iOS 18

According to Apple's announcement at WWDC 2024, the Photos app will undergo its "biggest design overhaul ever."

Home Screen Customization

In iOS 18, home screen customization options are also greatly expanded, allowing users to create a more personalized home screen.

App icons and widgets can be arranged more freely. The style can be selected from three options: Light, Dark, and Tint.

The Tint treatment is applied to all app icons, cleverly adjusted to maintain design intent while ensuring visibility.

WWDC 2024 iOS 18 Home Screen
Image credit: Apple WWDC 2024

Photos App Redesign

In iOS 18, the Photos app is significantly redesigned. The new Photos app features a unified design with a photo grid, collections by time and topic, and new Favorites and Featured Photos views.

This redesign allows users to more intuitively explore and organize their photo library. New features utilizing Apple Intelligence also enable quickly finding desired photos.

WWDC 2024 iOS 18 写真アプリ
Image credit: Apple WWDC 2024

New Features Powered by Apple Intelligence

Apple Intelligence is the key technology for enabling new experiences in iOS 18. By processing AI on-device or through secure servers, it enables more personalized and convenient iPhone usage while protecting user privacy.

Many of the new photo-related features in iOS 18 utilize the AI technology called Apple Intelligence.

  1. Photo editing with Siri: Adjust a photo's color tone, brightness, and contrast just by talking to Siri.

  2. Genmoji: Create personalized emoji graphics from text prompts.

  3. Image Playground: Generate animated, illustrated, or sketch-style images based on user prompts and context.

  4. Clean Up: Easily remove unwanted objects or people from photos.

  5. Natural language search: Search photos and videos using phrases like "Katie with stickers on her face."

  6. Search within videos: Search for scenes midway through a video.

  7. Memory Movies: Automatically create personalized videos based on user-specified prompts.

WWDC 2024 iOS 18 Genmoji
Image credit: Apple WWDC 2024

Looking Forward to the iOS 18 Photos Experience

The new photo-related features in iOS 18 aim to make photo management and editing more intuitive and convenient by leveraging Apple Intelligence.

These new features announced at WWDC24 have the potential to greatly change the user's photo experience and home screen usability. We can't wait for the release of iOS 18!

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