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What is Quiet Mode on Instagram? How to set it up and turn it off! Will others know?

Updated: Jul 1

Instagram's added "Quiet Mode" is a convenient feature that allows you to temporarily pause notifications during a specified time period. It's useful for securing time to concentrate or for resting peacefully at night.

This article will explain in detail the key points for effectively utilizing Quiet Mode, such as how to set it up, how to turn it off, and how it appears to others.

What is Instagram's "Quiet Mode"?

"Quiet Mode" added to Instagram is a feature that allows you to temporarily pause notifications during a designated time period.

It's convenient when you want to ensure time to focus or relax at night.

How to Set Up Quiet Mode

To set up Quiet Mode, perform the following operations:

  1. Tap the "≡" icon on your profile screen

  2. Tap "Notifications" under "Settings & Activity"

  3. Tap "Quiet Mode"

  4. Turn on "Quiet Mode"

  5. Specify the start and end times

With this, notifications will no longer arrive during the specified time period.

As of June 2024, in addition to time periods, a setting to "select days of the week" has also been added.

How to set quiet mode in the Instagram app

Do DMs Reach the Other Person During Quiet Mode?

Even during Quiet Mode, DMs are delivered to the other person as usual. However, since you won't receive notifications, there is a possibility your replies may be delayed.

On the other person's DM screen, a moon mark will be displayed on your icon, so they will know you are in Quiet Mode. It's not Secret Mode, so don't worry.

How to Turn Off Quiet Mode

To turn off Quiet Mode and resume notifications:

  1. Tap the "≡" icon on your profile screen

  2. 「Tap "Notifications" under "Settings & Activity"

  3. Tap "Quiet Mode"

  4. Toggle "Quiet Mode" off

  5. Select "Turn Off Quiet Mode"

This will cancel Quiet Mode.

How to deactivate the quiet mode of the Instagram app

How Does it Look to Others When Quiet Mode is Set?

When you have Quiet Mode set, this is how it appears to others:

  • A moon mark is displayed on the DM icon

  • The message "○○ wasn't notified about this message because they're in Quiet Mode." is displayed on sent DMs

However, they can't tell if you're online, and they can still see your posts and stories. You aren't completely hidden, so be careful.

Display of user's profile screen during quiet mode setting in Instagram app

Make Use of Quiet Mode

By using Instagram's Quiet Mode, you can create time to concentrate. Setting it up and turning it off is simple, so utilize it effectively for a comfortable SNS life!

Even during times notifications don't arrive, be sure not to miss important DMs. The other person will know you're in Quiet Mode, but try not to worry about it too much.

Quiet Mode is a convenient feature, but be careful not to overuse it on a regular basis. Enjoy Instagram in moderation!

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