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Explaining how to view Instagram's Notes feature! Tips and points to note for using it

Updated: 3 days ago

Hello! Did you know that Instagram has a new feature called "Notes"? With Notes, you can send short messages to your followers.

However, many people may not understand how to view or use Notes. So today, we will explain Instagram's Notes feature in detail! We'll also share tips and things to keep in mind when using Notes, so please read until the end.

What is Instagram's Notes feature?

Notes is a new feature that appears at the top of Instagram's direct message screen. You can enter up to 60 characters of text and publish it for only 24 hours.

Notes are convenient for casually sharing short messages with your followers. You can convey your mood at the time, such as "today's lunch" or "favorite music".

How to view Instagram Notes

How to view Notes

To view Notes, open Instagram's direct message screen. At the very top, you should see your profile photo lined up with your followers'.

If there is a speech bubble-like icon above the photo, it's a sign that the person has posted a Note. Tap the icon to display the contents of the Note.

To reply to a Note, tap the speech bubble icon below the Note. Then, you can start exchanging messages with that person.

Tips for using Notes

Post casually

Since Notes disappear after 24 hours, don't think too hard and post casually. Capture a moment from your daily life or put your feelings at the time into words. It will greatly shorten the distance with your followers.

Utilize emojis

In addition to text, it's also recommended to use emojis. By adding emojis, you can visually convey your message. Use emojis skillfully and post fun Notes!

Ask questions to start conversations

It's also effective to ask questions in Notes. Try asking your followers, "What are your plans for the weekend?" or "What books do you recommend?" Replies may lead to lively conversations.

Things to keep in mind when using Notes

Choose your audience

When posting a Note, you can choose the audience. Either "Followers you follow" or "Close friends". Set the appropriate audience according to who you want to show it to.

Instagram Notes Sharing Coverage Settings

Can Notes be used with business accounts?

We checked our company's Instagram business account and found that the Notes feature is not yet available.

In the future, Notes may be rolled out to business accounts as well. We will let you know once the feature becomes available.

How to View Notes on PC

As of June 2024, the Notes feature is now available on PC (computers) as well.

If you don't see the Notes feature, try updating Instagram to the latest version using the methods introduced in the "If Notes are not displayed" section below.

If Notes are not displayed

If the Notes feature is not displayed, it's best to update the Instagram app.

If you still can't use Notes after that, there may be a problem with Instagram. When a new version of the Instagram app is released, update it again and try.

Make use of Notes

Did you understand how to view and use Instagram's Notes feature? By utilizing Notes, you can get much closer to your followers.

Depending on how you use them, Notes can become a powerful tool that connects you and your followers. By all means, post Notes and enjoy interacting with your followers!

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