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Can You See Who Viewed Your Instagram Notes? Explaining the Footprint Mechanism

Updated: Jul 1

Hello! In this article, we will explain about Instagram's new "Notes" feature.

In particular, we will focus on whether you can see who viewed your notes, if footprints are left behind, and other points of concern.

Instagram notes input screen

What is the Notes feature?

The Notes feature is a new function that can be used within Instagram's Direct Messages (DM).

It has the following characteristics:

  • You can post text up to 60 characters

  • Can be made visible only to close friends

  • Automatically disappears after 24 hours

Can people tell if you viewed their note? Are footprints left?

In conclusion, there is no way to know who viewed your notes.

Based on the following reasons, we can say that no footprints are left behind:

  1. No read receipt is sent even if someone views the note

  2. 2. Viewing history (footprints) are not displayed

  3. Number of views are also unknown

However, if you reply to a note, the other person will be notified just like a regular DM.

If you reply, there is a possibility the other person may find out you viewed their note.

Differences between Notes and Stories

Notes and Stories are similar features but there are major differences in terms of the footprint mechanism.

Story footprints:

  • List of viewers (footprints) are displayed

  • Number of views are shown

  • Read receipts are enabled

Note footprints:

  • List of viewers (footprints) are not displayed

  • Number of views are unknown

  • No read receipts

In other words, the Notes feature has a mechanism that protects privacy more than Stories.

The characteristic of Notes is that you can casually post and view them.

Enjoy Instagram with the Notes feature

Instagram's Notes feature is a new function that allows you to easily post messages. Unlike Stories, no footprints are left behind for people who viewed it, so privacy is maintained.

However, be careful as the other person may find out you viewed the note if you reply. Utilize it well and enjoy communicating with your friends!

We provide information to help you enjoy Instagram more. We recommend checking out our other articles, such as [2024 Edition] 5 Apps for Easy White Frame Editing for Instagram!




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