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Raindrops App: Rain Sounds BGM and Visual Effects

The Raindrops App is a BGM app that lets you play soothing rain sounds anytime, anywhere. Listening to the gentle pitter-patter of falling rain, you'll feel your heart calmly settling down.

Raindrops Rain Sound BGM App Visual Expression

Experience Falling Rain

  • Three levels of rain sounds: heavy, light, and "hood". Find the sound that suits you.

  • Timer function to set playback duration. Perfect for sleep, studying, or meditation.

  • Tapping the play button also shows a visual representation of rain falling on the screen.

  • Programming techniques enable natural rain expressions for a more realistic experience.

  • The sky's brightness changes with the time of day, letting you feel nature even more.

Simple one-tap play/stop controls. A timer can also be set, convenient for falling asleep or studying or working background music.

Visual Effects Realized with Programming Techniques

The Raindrops App utilizes particle system technology, sometimes used in art programming and creative coding, to deliver an immersive visual experience.

Particle System: Simulates the movement of each individual raindrop to realize a realistic rain expression. Raindrops are literally being generated within this app.

These programming techniques allow the Raindrops App to provide a visually superior experience, beyond just a typical BGM app.

Applying particle expression methods used in game app development where graphics are important, this app is optimized as a sound app. This enables a BGM app that can be enjoyed through both hearing and sight.

Seeking a Creative Sense

The developer himself had the desire to create an app using a particle system, and this rain sound app is the realization of that idea. Creative coding techniques were utilized to implement immersive visual expressions befitting a smartphone app.

The Raindrops App combines rain ambient sounds with particle visual effects for a creative sensory BGM experience. The realistic raindrop expressions achieved by leveraging iOS visual technologies make it seem as if you are witnessing real rain.

It can be used in various everyday scenes when you want to relax, boost concentration, or need a little healing. Also recommended for creators and artists.

The Raindrops App will bring the rhythm of rain to your daily life. Please give it a try.

The iOS version is available for free download from the App Store.

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