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ListSnap: AI-Powered Automatic Photo Editing for Flea Market Listings

ListSnap is an app that uses AI to automatically edit photos for listings on flea market apps. With its AI background removal feature, it can cut out the product and composite it onto beautiful backgrounds.

ListSnap App

Effortless Product Image Creation

  • AI Automatic Background Removal: Instantly removes the background from product photos, resulting in clean images.

  • Listing Template Optimization: Generates images sized optimally for listings on apps like Mercari.

  • Diverse Background Options: Composite products onto solid color backgrounds, marble, wood grain, and other stylish backgrounds.

  • Easy to Use: With an intuitive UI, anyone can edit photos in seconds.

Create attractive product images for flea market apps like Mercari and boost your sales.

The iOS app is available for download on the App Store.


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